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TYDIX Flush Pulls are ground and polished to furnish a square, flat dress face unusually free of blemishes.  All outside edges and corners are clean and sharp in appearance.  Important inside surfaces are smoothed to a practical degree.  All inside corners of the dress face are filed to full, sharp, square corners.

TYDIX Flush Pulls are available in a considerable variety of finishes and finish combinations.  That is, the hardware finish of the dress face may be contrasted with, or complemented by, the color treatment inside the frame and/or color or finish of the back plate.

Accordingly, there are three "areas" where your color plans might be carried out: the Dress Face, inside the frame, and the Back Plate.  The following lists finishes or colors which might apply to each of these areas:

Dress Face Finish Inside Frame Color
  Symbol   Symbol
Polished Brass US 3 Satin Black Blk.
Polished Brass (no lacquer)   US 3-NL Brass Spray 236
Satin Brass US 4 Bronze Spray 277
Polished Bronze US 9 Dark Bronze Spray 275
Satin Bronze US 10 Chrome Spray 266
Oil-Rubbed Bronze US10B
Polished Nickel US 14
Satin Nickel US 15
Polished Chrome US 26
Satin Chrome US 26D
Statuary Bronze Specify
Antique Bronze Specify

Back Plates
Metal Countertop Laminates Symbol
Same as Dress Face Satin Black (Standard) Blk.
(Satin finishes recommended) Other Color or Texture Specify
  (Customer to supply)

When ordering specify per following examples:
Flush Pull No. Dress Face   Inside Frame   Back Plate Other
61064 US 10B X Blk. X Blk. TMP (tamperproof screws)
61063 US 10B X 275 X US 10B
61064 US 10 X 277 X Blk.
Requests for samples will be honored with as little delay as possible.