Edge Pulls

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TYDIX Edge Pulls are fabricated as required according to design concept or the requirements of a particular use.

There are several pull design styles available.  Roll diameters are available in four sizes (see below); and roll/pull lengths are available from 1/4" through 12".

The material used in TYDIX Edge Pulls is solid brass or bronze only, and any sandard hardware finish, except aluminum or stainless steel, are available.   Fabrication specifications include:

    Desired style (see pages B-2 through B-4)
    Desired roll diameter (see below)
    Desired roll length (1-1/4" through 12")
    Desired finish (see page A-1)
    RC for rounded roll ends
   (Examples: BR 1/4" x 1-1/2, US 26; RC-SR 5/16 X 3, US 10B; DAF 3/8 X 4, US 10)
To order furnish the above information plus the following:
    Thickness of basic door or drawer (screws will be located accordingly)
    Thickness of any overlay (mirror, panel, etc.)
    Clearance desired if other thaan standard (1/2")
    Overall dimension (OA) if important
    Angle of door bevel (types SAR and SAF) or other angles required (standard is 1/8" in 2")
    Finish (see page A-1)

    Note: A simple sketch can be invaluable.