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TYDIX Door Pulls are designed for use on tempered glass, hollow-metal or wood, or solid wood dorrs.  All door pulls can be installed either back-to-back or one side only.  Door pulls are internally screwed together; no set screws are needed.

TYDIX Door Pulls are constructed from 7/8" diameter solid stainless steel, brass, or bronze.  TYDIX Door Pulls are available in all the standard hardware finishes listed on page A-1 plus US 32 (polished stainless steel) and US 32D (satin Stainless steel).

Three basic door pull styles are available and are shown on pages C-4 through C-7.

There are four base styles used in installing TYDIX Door Pulls:

No. 0 Base 7/8" diameter x 5/8"
No. 1 Base 1" diameter x 5/8"
No. 2 Base 1-1/4" diameter x 5/8"
No. 3 Base 7/8" diameter x 1/4" (for tempered glass)
Pages C-2 through C-7 illustrate through bolts, door pull styles, possible base and door pull combinations, and systems for back-to-back or one-side-only installations.